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Lola’s Botanicals isn’t just herbal products. We have many years of herbal, emotional, and movement wisdom. See our offerings below.

 Wellness Consulting and Opportunities

As humans we naturally evolve together – not on our own.

Align to Thrive Wellness Transformation is a 10 week peer-supported lifestyle coaching program designed to help you uplevel your health and wellness habits. We offer both 1-1 and group coaching courses. Topics include: Align to Thrive, Age with Ease, and Lose Weight Feel Great!

You will learn to make incremental but sustainable changes in your life and daily habits to experience more energy, a better diet, a fitter body and more ease through nourishing daily routines based on the 5,000 year old wisdom of Ayurveda and new behavioral science on dynamic habit change and evolution.

 Complementary 15 Minute Consultation

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