Plant Walker’s Retreat


Plant Walks, Workshops & Gathering, Local Foods Shindig

A Plant Peoples Retreat


Historical Cultural Plant Ceremonies Rituals and Connections

A Forage Farmer’s Journey

Deepen our friendship with Plants

Interactive Musical Act

Forest Gardening Succession Theory

Tea Time with Lola’s Botanicals will vary throughout the day with an assortment of herbal teas and botanical treats.

Local Meals Provided with creative and botanical rich flare. All locally, sustainably and ethically sourced.





Ande Schewe is a botanical producer, educator, and experienced farm and home consult, researcher, professional forager, and herbalist. He has been certified in permaculture since 2001 from Lost Valley. You can follow his work at, which just went live fall 2014. He lives on a homestead with his family in Milan, IN. He produces for farm markets for the past 8 years and helps his wife Lauren Schewe run an apothecary. 

” The best foraging opportunities in the Ohio River Valley area will come from stewarded systems with intentional purpose of people foraging in the future. I hope to plant as many trees and seeds of thought to build up a common canopy for such abundant future. Foraging takes skill, wisdom, openness, and willingness to try something new… old… exotic… invasive… We need to find how we can move in this way to be a part of nature. The more we integrate with nature in this way the more we will discover the flow and connection with the seasons and systems around us. Let us begin to work with the information of evolving into the system in which we are observing.” – Ande Schewe

Lauren is a mama, farmer, home educator, herbalista and yoga instructor. She and her husband Ande own and operate Lola’s Botanicals a herbal product line and Communtiy Supported Herbalism share program in Milan, Indiana. Lauren has been studying yoga, herbs and nature connection for over a decade. Her journey started at Northern Arizona University studying outdoor education and took her to many vast and beautiful places exploring nature, yoga, meditation, herbalism and preserving,cooking and fermenting the seasons goodness.

Why do we farm?  Lauren answers simply, “The answer is: Love.”   “We love everything about small scale local farming; watching and nurturing growth of plants, living in the presence of animals, working outdoors,moving our bodies with grace in the company of our children and with their help.  As Wendell Berry tells us, ‘The soil is a great connector of lives, it heals and restores, it resurrects.‘  We take our duty as stewards of Creation very seriously, and we love that we are contributing to the welfare of our society.”


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