Forest Silk Tea



Just taste the breeze of a cool fall day, or perhaps that first early spring day you pop your windows open. We have captured flavor very artfully in this herbal tea blend.

Ingredients: Sassafrass Leaf, Nettles, Red Clover, Black Locust Flowers.

From the tree leaves and flowers to the subtle flowers at the edge of the forest and nutrient rich nettles, we gathered these ethically with a healthy future in mind. The black locust flowers really give this one a nice hint of jasmine-honey flavor. Red clover is a blood builder in us, just as it builds forest soil.

We grow all the ingredients, so they are fresh, and have not been shipped around the world. Directly from us to you!

1.6 oz loose leaf tea – approximately 18 servings. Shipping is included in the price.



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