Herbalist School

Learn the art and science of crafting herbal products. See our current offerings below. Online courses coming soon!
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Plant Walker’s Retreat

Plant Walks, Workshops & Gathering, Local Foods Shindig

A Plant Peoples Retreat – August 5, 9am-8pm

  • Historical Cultural Plant Ceremonies Rituals and Connections
  • A Forage Farmer’s Journey
  • Deepen our friendship with Plants
  • Interactive Musical Act
  • Forest Gardening Succession Theory
  • Tea Time with Lola’s Botanicals will vary throughout the day with an assortment of herbal teas and botanical treats.
  • Local Meals Provided with creative and botanical rich flare. All locally, sustainably and ethically sourced.

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Introduction into Medicine Making

Experience and experiment a variety of herbal medicine making techniques.

Topics may include guidelines to foraging and wildcrafting, tips and techniques on harvesting and drying herbs, preparing teas, tinctures, oils, salves, honeys, vinegars, elixirs.. Students are invited to bring their favorite recipes, stories and more to share.

Dates to be announced. Online course coming soon.

Food is Medicine – Bringing Healing Herbs into the Kitchen

Food is among one of the most pervasive influences on human health affecting not only the person who is eating today but future generations.

We will emphasize the importance of a foundational diet of high quality foods with phytonutrient diversity. Learn to make soup mix, broth, energy balls, compound herbal butters, herbal finishing salts, herbal and floral honey, herbal sauces, and pestos.

Dates to be announced. Online course coming soon.

Sacred Herbal Self Care Daily Routine

Setting yourself up for success starts with the night before. Learn simple and effective tools to create a daily routine that gives back energy. Start to look and feel good in your own skin. Our daily activities have a profound impact on our health. A routine practiced daily is stronger medicine than the occasional remedy.

Establishing healthful habits through attunement of the body to the natural cycles of the day. The three Ayurvedic doshas – vata, pitta, and kapha, each have their own periods of time within a twenty-four-hour day in which their energies predominate. By establishing a routine that “goes with the flow” of these elemental energies, we are able to more easily support the body’s natural rhythms and healing potential.

Learn to make daily tea, infused oils and salves, compresses and poultices, aromatic massage oils, aromatherapy sprays, bath salts, and body scrubs.

Dates to be announced. Online course coming soon.

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 If you have a group and want a class, please contact us.

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